THE POWER OF PURITY : September 6th - 12th - Lori Haberkorn

THE POWER OF PURITY : September 6th – 12th

This week is all about a fresh, clean and pure start that shifts us into the new energy of the rest of the year! We start with a powerful New Moon in Virgo that invites a new cycle of manifesting our wildest dreams, followed by Lilith conjuncting the North Node, inviting an even bigger and longer cycle of exploring and empowering the new expression of wild, pure and raw femininity!
And if this wouldn’t be enough, Venus is entering Scorpio at the end of the week to dive even deeper into the essence of our feminine power, the underworld of our soul, of sexuality and the source of being.
ARE YOU READY, as I am! And with this week I will also release so many beautiful surprises for you! So stay tuned!

MONDAY, September 6th

Moon enters Virgo
Venus square Pluto, trine Jupiter
Mars trine Pluto
Lilith conjunction North Node

Wow, what a start to the new week! The Sun and the Moon are preparing to create a powerful New Moon of healing and growth within the night to Tuesday and the Universe is giving us the perfect energy to prepare everything for this special Star event!

Venus and Pluto allow us to connect with our inner shadows to release and expand in love and faith when Venus is harmonizing with Jupiter later that day.

Mars is supporting us in bringing movement into shadow and transformation work while the Moon is getting darker and even more intense when moving in her most feminine energy. On top we have Lilith aligning with our North Node, inviting a new cycle of pure and raw femininity! Awakening the true and wild woman in us to bring her into our soul purpose!

TUESDAY, September 7th

New Moon at 14°38` in Virgo, 02:52 AM Berlin time
New Moon trine Uranus

This is a day of celebration, healing, learning, releasing, manifesting and starting a new journey! Happy Virgo New Moon! Happy day of leaving perfection behind, aligning body, mind and soul and focusing on what we want to attract into our life!
Create a grounded and nurturing New Moon Ritual of manifesting your wildest dreams for the upcoming 4 weeks, but also for the rest of the year.

In which areas of your life are you seeking for more clarity, growth and healing?

What are the big steps you want to plan ahead for the rest of the year?

Find a detailed guide at the blog of HAPPINEZ!

This ritual is best created in the woods, on big meadows, barefoot and connected to all natural materials. Wooden pieces, plants, herbs, flower water and earth. ENJOY IT!

WEDNESDAY, September 8th

Moon enters Libra
Mercury opposition Chiron

The Moon is softly growing in her manifestation and wanders into lovely Libra. Our soul is seeking for self love, harmony and beauty. Take it easy today and put your needs and desires first! Everything else can wait and as you know: An empowered soul can even create and give more magic here on Earth.

When Mercury in Libra is opposing Chiron in Aries, we may be confronted through relations of all kinds with some deep wounds. When it happens, get into direct conversation. Speak about it, share your insights, your feelings and let your wounds transform by releasing.

THURSDAY, September 9th

On Jupiter Day we have no specific Star events happening, so take it easy today and stay open for all magic to arrive at yours. Connect with your New Moon wishes and get into action of actually doing something for what you desire. What can you do today to get closer to your desires? Get in contact with people, share your desires and wishes and you may find some surprises within! 

It’s also the last day of Venus being in Libra, so if you want to go on a romantic journey do it today, as with tomorrow we wander into the depth and passion of Venus in Scorpio.

FRIDAY, September 10th

Venus enters Scorpio
Moon enters Scorpio

On Venus Day it’s of course ALL ABOUT VENUS! And what a Venus energy! Venus is preparing herself to leave soft and lovely Libra to stay for some weeks in deep, passionate and sexual Scorpio. So one thing is for sure: It’s getting HOT!

This energy is perfect for exploring and empowering your wild and deep essence of femininity, the world of sexuality and creating and living out of source energy. You are allowed to see the true side of everyone and everything you love. Let’s get real, wild, passionate and dive deep into the ocean of lust, creation and spirituality!

Also the Moon enters Scorpio, so it’s getting emotional and mystical as well!

WEEKEND of September 11th – 12th
Moon in Scorpio entering Sagittarius on Sunday

This weekend is chill, as the Universe creates a pause – for a while. Allow yourself to still get into the organized and healing energies of Virgo. Create clarity – in your mind, soul and home. Your body, as well as your outer home. Clean your space, release unnecessary baggage and create free space for growth!

The energy is getting lighter when the Moon enters Sagittarius with Sunday. Get outside, get social and find inspiration for growth within every person, experience and feeling!

Get into movement, move your body, move your energy! We have an exciting new week to come! More on that next week!

Sending you lots of Stardust & Magic!

Stay magic, stay YOU!