WHICH SIDE TO CHOOSE?: August 23rd - 29th - Lori Haberkorn

WHICH SIDE TO CHOOSE?: August 23rd – 29th

How was your visionary and innovative Aquarius Full Moon weekend? And did you find some time to create a powerful Burning Ritual to let go of your fears and worries in order to get back to your phenomenal self-worth and power?
The Moon already is in Pisces and the Sun in Virgo – yes, welcome smart and well organized Virgo Season (you are exactly what we need right now!) – so we are definitely starting a new energy with this beginning of the week!
We also have Eris, Goddess of female empowerment and fight, creating for the fourth time a tense connection to Pluto and at the end of the week, we find the Sun in between our Nodes!
So it’s getting exciting as usual! Head straight into it!

MONDAY, August 23rd
Virgo Season
Venus trine Saturn

Hello new week and howdy Virgo Season!
Since midnight, the sun is officially in smart ’n’ earthy Virgo, and although we may not leave playful and joyeux Leo Season, it’s time to get back to reality.
This Moon Day is perfect for creating clarity and taking responsibility for all the things that have been left behind in Leo Season. If your home needs a fresh clean-up – do so! If you’ve lost control over your plans and visions – head back to them and create a To-Do List to go. Oh and don’t forget to choose an apple over your favorite vegan chocolate ice cream, as the Virgo Sun wants you to go back to a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention that a work/life balance is as well key! So take your favorite planner, some colorful pens, and plan your week ahead!

TUESDAY, August 24th
Moon enters Aries

We still have the Moon in Pisces until the afternoon, so our soul is seeking silence and calm, creative, and intuitive processes in order to experience new emotional and spiritual insights. It’s a perfect energy opposite to the Virgo Sun and you can use it for being centered in a very grounded and organized energy while keeping your soul open for intuitive processes.
The Moon however will leave Pisces in the afternoon to enter fiery and driven Aries. We will therefore seek more action and movement and find inner alignment by actually getting things done and following our ideas and visions. If you want to get a new project or idea rolling – do it now!

WEDNESDAY, August 25th
Mercury opposition Neptune

Not only the Sun is in smart Virgo at the moment, but also Mars and Mercury. So it’s SPOT ON Virgo vibes!
Mercury, our planet of spirit and mind, is in opposition to Neptune in Pisces today and it may not be the easiest to stay completely clear and sane today. There seems to be a veil over our thoughts and these are not the best days to make rational decisions. It’s way easier to be distracted, or forget important facts. So instead, connect with your intuition, because maybe a gut decision is exactly what you need right now?

THURSDAY, August 26th
Venus opposition Chiron
Mercury trine Pluto

Today Mercury creates a trine to Pluto and we can recognize shadow sides to initiate profound transformations. Especially also because Venus in Libra is in opposition to Chiron in Aries. Old pain can surface intensified by outer or inner patterns and can be worked on through conscious engagement. Allow yourself to perceive your current situation of where you are still allowed to heal and try to introduce transformations with new perspectives.

FRIDAY, August 27th
Moon enters Taurus
Mercury inconjunct Jupiter ℞

When the Moon enters Taurus we love to enjoy life at its best. Not in an over-motivated and extroverted Leo energy, but in a slow and easy Taurus vibe. Self-love, delicious food, beauty treatments, shopping, and more delicious food. Yes, that is how we roll…
Do everything that feels good and true to yourself and you can’t do anything wrong (a good motto for nearly every life situation as well!).
With Mercury being inconjunct to Jupiter ℞ get into spirituality to expand your inner peace. There is the energy of making a mountain out of a molehill in the air – stay easy!

SATURDAY, August 28th
Venus inconjunct Uranus ℞
Pluto square Eris

Today Pluto squares Eris, Goddess of female empowerment, fight and rebellious change and we may experience some intense power struggles as Eris forces us to connect with the collective dark side in order to unconditionally create a massive change.
We will be confronted with the shadow and we are allowed to use our voice for good. Eris is the energy of being all over-honest, direct, and self-determined. Allow yourself to speak up for what you stand for, fight against this shadow individually and collectively, and do things differently.

SUNDAY, August 29th
Moon enters Gemini
Sun squares Nodes

The Moon enters Gemini and finds herself in a more communicative energy. Speak about your inner world, your emotions, and feelings, and get together with a person you really love.
The Sun squaring the Nodes is asking us to reflect on reflecting our past and future. Our soul path of where we are coming from and where we are allowed to head into. It’s a great time to focus on yourself and how you want to develop and grow within this life. Maybe it’s time to make some important decisions and to realize why you are truly here? Connect with your personal Nodes and find your answers within!

With this said: Have a wonderful new week, Moon Babe!
Stay magic, stay weird!

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