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Head up in the universe, heart at the Moon, feet on Earth.

Hi, I am Lori and I love to coach YOU to achieve all your sparkling visions! My aim is to connect you with your core essence, to find your specific & individual qualities – your mission in life. It’s time to finally step into your full potential to make THE magical, beautiful change in your life!
Love, peace, wealth, success? EVERYTHING is possible and ready for you to receive.

Every woman has a mission here in life. Mine is to be a Modern Mystic and to inspire and support women to find their true, golden meaning in life. Let’s fly high, grow brighter and bigger & reach the stars! Read More

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Die goldene Magie der Mondin – Book by Lori Haberkorn

I am super happy to release my very first book about the power and the magic of living and manifesting with the Moon!
This is a book that is so close to my heart as I grew up with living with the natural Cycle of the Moon, but only when I started to manifest with the 8 phases – Magic was created. And this is what this book is here: To guide you best on your very own journey of manifesting and creating your wildest dreams!

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Your Masterclass to find your golden Soul Path and to step into your power to transform it into your Conscious Business!

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Written in the Stars

As above, so below. As around, so within.

We all are seeking for answers, messages and faith in what who we are and what we aspire to create. And the good thing: Through reading your Birth Chart, as well as your Tarot Cards I will give you all the answers you are seeking for. Or for sure, the Universe will!

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Magical Online Courses

I love to teach you Astrology, Moon Manifesting, Tarot Magic and how to unravel your limiting blueprint to create a positive, successful Mindset.

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Golden 1:1 Coaching

You are an ambitious creative soul, ready to step into the next level, transforming your wildest and biggest visions into reality?
Perfect! I got you, Babe and I help you to even grow bigger!
The Universe is the limit, and as you know: It’s unlimited!

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