As you can find so much wisdom in the words of the holy tarot, I use the cards of tarot for letting you answering your question by your own intuition, yourself. During my tarot reading I create a sacred space for you to open up, I am making an individual ritual that empowers your question and I guide you to work with your answer. After the reading you also get a digital document with the meaning of your tarot card and a guidance through my words and photos of our common ritual.

The Tarot Reading starts with a One Card Guidance at 80 EUR. The Three Cards Reading goes up to 120 EUR, containing an overview of the past and the future. The Great Tarot Reading is about 180 EUR and tells you the truth of your actions, feelings and outer attitude of the past, the now and the future with 7 magikal helping cards.

I also create individual Readings, so if you hear this call I am happy to help you through the guiding cards!