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Mission & Biz Masterclass 2022

Be a part of it now!

Your Masterclass to find your golden Soul Path and to step into your power to transform it into your Conscious Business!



88 EUR / MONAT incl. VAT

Learn everything about Astrology and receive ongoing astrological and empowering guidance from Lori through all months!


“You never stop being magic if you never stop learning.”

Online Courses

Follow your dreams to make them real!

The Astrology of 2022 – Live Class, 28/12/2021

188 EUR incl. VAT

Plan your year ahead with the Stars of 2022!

The Year of Jupiter – Live Class, 14/12/2021

111 EUR incl. VAT

The Year of Jupiter: New year, new energy, new possibilities! It’s all about your mission!

Astrology 101 – The Course

222 EUR incl. VAT

Explore your universe by learning the codes of Astrology.


222 EUR incl. VAT

The Year of Jupiter and The Astrology of 2022 Classes.

Tarot Reading Online Course

240 EUR incl. VAT

Learn to read the magical codes of Tarot!

Your Manifestation & Self Worth Bundle

19 EUR incl. VAT

Enjoy your Manifestation & Self Worth Bundle to manifest and create your most fulfilling life!

The Year of Saturn – Workshop

111 EUR 55 EUR incl. VAT

Welcome to a new Planetary Year that is for now ruled by our greatest teacher of time and space – Saturn.

Moon Manifesting Program

349 EUR incl. VAT

Did you know, that you can manifest your wildest wishes with our Mama Moon?


“Skyrocket your universe! You are here to shine your brightest light!”


Follow your dreams – and than make it real

Mission & Biz Masterclass 2022

Be a part of it now!

I am so excited to share my new Masterclass on how to find your golden Soul Path in order to step into your power and transform your vision into your Conscious Business with you!

Soul Path Astrology Certification

Be a part of it now!

Become a successful Astrologer! Learn and become a certified astrology teacher.


“Self love is the essence of all creation.”

Magical Goods

Treat yourself well, as you are so worthy to receive!

Die goldene Magie der Mondin – Book by Lori Haberkorn

19,99 EUR incl. VAT

My beloved magical first book is ready to be birthed into the Universe in order to serve you best on your very own journey of making your dreams come true!


35 EUR incl. VAT

Happy to share my Limited MOON BABE  T-Shirt Edition of our magical Moon Community with you!

Wealth & Abundance Lakshmi Mala

222 EUR incl. VAT

Your golden Lakshmi Mala for Wealth & Abundance.

Lakshmi – Goddess of Wealth & Abundance A5 Print

14 EUR incl. VAT

She is the Goddess of prosperity and everything you want to achieve gets expanded when working with her.

Saraswati – Goddess of Wisdom & Learning A5 Print

14 EUR incl. VAT

Put this card on your altar, your work space, into your notebook, or hang it at a very special place so she is always around supporting you on your journey!

Your Magical Voucher

50 – 500 EUR incl. VAT

Your Magical Voucher for your loved ones!

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