Tarot Reading

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As you find so much wisdom in the words of the holy Tarot, I use the cards of Tarot for letting you answer all your questions by your own intuition, yourself. During my Tarot Reading I create a sacred space and ritual for your energy and question to connect with the higher power of the holy Tarot and I guide you to work with your helping answers.

I do this via a 1 Hour 1:1 Tarot Reading in person or via a Video Call where you can ask the cards for 1 hour every question you have to a specific topic or in general.
For those who want to slowly approach to the magik of Tarot I offer Digital Readings, that I create in private after getting all your questions and information via E-Mail or a Call. You will get all the detailed information to your cards via a Digital Guiding Document I will create after the Reading for you.

I also offer my Tarot Reading for Business Consulting and Events. If you are interested, please feel free to send me an E-Mail to receive all the detailed information and possibilities for your specific concern.

So if you feel that sign, I am happy to guide you through the magikal cards in person or over distance to get back into clarity and make a change!